Thursday, April 1, 2010

Risk and Reward

So I haven't posted in over a month. I get distracted! My yogic journey continues and I find as of late the most difficult part of the parctice is getting up early and gettin' my ass to charlestown. Sure, I'm fine once I'm there but let me tell you, it is an epic battle getting out of my warm bed and ggoing to an 8am sweat fest. But, I doth protest too much. It's fantastic to start your day with and makes you feel quite accomplished when you leave.

I've found more and more that the teachings of yoga can spill over into how you act in your everyday life. What is most difficult for me is learning to be in the moment. Learning that you can't let the past taint your views of the present and you can't spend your present worrying about the future. I am queen of aniexty and worrying abotu the future is my thing. It's what I do. So, I'm trying to buy into the whole "peace in the present" thing. In yoga they teach that the present is all there is and living in the moment requires major risk and courage. You lose stability but you gain freedom. Now, just like everything else in yoga, this is much easier said then done. Of course we worry about our future, it's so unsure we have to worry about money and living situations and relationships. But the Yogi's would tell you that worrying about it does nothign for you. It doesn't mae the situation better. It doesn't make you happier. All you can do to be happy is to live in this very moment. To live 100%. After all, you could die in the next.

I'm making a big move to NYC this spring, late May. It's a major cause of concern and worry for me. So, I'm attempting to take these teachings at face value and implement them into my life. I do the work, I apply for jobs and search for apartments, but I try not to worry. Beacause what will be will be, there's no sense in obsessing over it. There's so many things to be happy for in this moment. It's taking some major work and some concious thought changes, but it seems to be helping.

If you're interested in reading a book in relation to this kind of thinking, check out-

It's a book that challenges you to live in the moment. To take risks and to jump even if you're not sure anything will be there to catch you.

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