Friday, February 25, 2011

Yoga trials in NYC

I haven't posted here in awhile. It seems that my relationship with my writing is similar to my relationship to Yoga...on again off again. To top it off, getting into the habit of going to yoga consistently has been seriously hindered by A. finding a studio in NYC that is right for me and B. the outrageous prices of most of the Yoga studios near me. Isn't it a bit contradictory for yoga to be something that people rape your wallet and require your first born in order to practice?

I have found a few places that are relatively cheap and I think that I will devote future posts on this blog to rating the variety of studios I try until I find one that fits me just right. And hey, what do I know really, my last Yoga teacher, Phillip, turned out to be slut who ran off on his wife for one of his students...for the second time. Eesh. Someone has a case of do as I say not as I do.

Recently I've been attending Yoga Vida  and Yoga to the People in addition to doing the above mentioned's podcasts at home (hey, he may be a cheat but the man can lead a vinyasa!). Yoga Vida has some great workshops....I've attended both an inversions workshop and a "Hip Hop Yoga" workshop at their studio. The workshops were both really interesting and had a price tag of only $20. Their drop in classes are only $10 and are a vinyasa flow but they tend to be hit or miss. Some teachers seem to be really knowledgable, are great at aligning students and  have a deep understanding of how they feel about yoga, others seem to be newer teachers who are unsure of themselves. I should have some compassion because new teachers have to start somewhere, but I would rather not be spending my money on those classes.

I have yet to find a heated power yoga class that doesn't cost my life savings, but that's the next goal.  Hopefully all these rich upper east side moms will move on to some other fad so the price of yoga can go down to somewhere near affordable. So someday I can do this...maybe....but probably not.